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To meet a wide range of consumer needs for a professional background in infrastructure, based on serious logistical activities. The occasion of this freight on time delivery, is the safety of the goods.

During the transportation enterprise not only provides the backdrop for the entire logistics for customers, but also to guarantee the safety and on-time delivery in the cargo. Our staff in carrying out the full range of freight services have the necessary knowledge of the law and also the routes. Our vehicle and the tools used to ensure the most cost-effective solutions in the transportation.

The freight tons more occasion for our customers we provide the carriage of goods, which are provided according to the needs of special vehicles.

What services do we offer during transportation?

  • domestic transportation
  • International shipping
  • directly- delivery or collection
  • route planning
  • other special circumstances that require freight

Why choose us to carry out the transportation?

Our company can safely assume after more than two decades of professional experience:

  • guarantee,
  • speed,
  • reliability,
  • as well as 100.000 USD to liability insurance.

The precise terms and conditions for shipping international transport célországairól ask our colleagues.