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A Great Way Ltd. 21. In 1993 predecessor in business. The international transport 1995 Since this is. The company is covering almost all the countries of the European Union's relations system. Fuvarfeladatainkat exactly, flexibility, taking into account the interests of our clients fulfill. Help is a modern management system, Our drivers are professionally trained and dedicated, vehicle fleet (The Euro, Euro VI), which corresponds to the current highest European environmental standards as well. Gépkocsivezetőinkkel we maintain continuous contact by phone to inform partners, our cars and the built-in satellite tracking system, day 24 accurate information is available through the hour of the current situation of the goods.

Freight forwarding and liability insurance 100 000,- USD to cover up.

Our company is a high priority for employee motivation, skills and commitment towards our customers. We are continuing foreign language and vocational training working in the commercial department for our employees, Moreover, we focus on the next generation of appropriate training for professional practice.

Quality Policy:

A Great Way Ltd. 21. seeks to ensure its success, that the services reach full satisfaction of the client. Our main goal, the quality of service that continues to meet our customers', specified by clients, expected and hidden needs. Of our clients and partners seek long-term relationship. Commitment to the quality of our employees certified by leading by example and conscious role undertaken to improve quality.